Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In The Most Courteous Manner

Call people to the Way of your Rabb with wisdom and best advice, and reason with them, if you have to, in the most courteous manner: for your Rabb knows best who strays from His Way and He knows best who is rightly guided.

~An-Nahl, 125~

*Al-Qura'an, 1997. English Translation of the Meaning of Al-Qur'an: The Guidance for Mankind, Translated by Muhammad Farooq-i-Azam Mallik, Texas: The Institute of Islamic Knowledge

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yin & Yang

"Our progress, then, has been largely a rational and intellectual affair, and this one-sided evolution has now reached a highly alarming stage, a situation so paraxidocal that is borders insanity.

We can control the soft landings of space craft on distance planets, but we are unable to control the polluting fumes emanating from our cars and factories.

We propose Utopian communities in gigantic space colonies, but (we) cannot manage our cities...

Those are the results of overemphasizing our 'yang', or masculine side - rational knowledge, analysis, expansion - and neglecting our 'ying', or feminine side - intuitive, wisdom, synthesis, and ecological awareness "

~Fritjof Capra, 1982~

**From Prof. Dr. Mohd Yusof Othman during his lecture on "Human Capital as a Nation Building Factor", National Counselling Workshop, UKM

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Family Tragedy: Divorce

Although divorce has increased for all socioeconomic groups, those in disadvantaged groups have a higher incidence of divorce. Youthful marriage, low educational level, low income, not having religious affliction, having parents who are divorced, and having a baby before marriage are associated with increases in divorce

~Popenoe & Whitehead ~

If a divorce is going to occur, it usually takes places early in a marriage; most occur in the fifth to tenth year of marriage

~National Center for Health Statistics in Santrock (2008) ~


Popenoe, D. & Whitehead, B. D., 2005. The state of our unions: 2005. Pistacaway, NJ: the national Marriage Project, Rutgers University.

Santrock, J. W., 2008. Life span development, 11th edition, Boston: McGraw Hill Higher Education.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The Internationalization of Malay

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Nutritional Problem among Adolescents

The following specific practices and beleifs commonly caused nutritional problems in the adolescents surveyed:

  1. The skipping of one or more meals a day

  2. Inappropriate choices of snack foods

  3. Lack of supervision in food choices made away from home

  4. Fear of obesity, especially among girls

  5. Concern that certain foods would aggravate acne

  6. Lack of time to consume regular meals

  7. Lack of companionship when consuming meals

  8. Drinking no milk (perhaps as a rebellion against parental influence)

  9. Beginning to consume alcohol


Guthrie, H. A. & Picciano, M. F., 1995. Human nutrition. Mosby: St.Louis (p.586-587).


Nutrition is the science of food, the nutrients, and the other substances within food; their action, interaction, and balance in relation to health and desease; and the processes by which the the organism ingests, absorbs, transports, uses, and excretes food subtances.

~Helen A.Guthrie & Mary Frances Picciano~


Guthrie, H. A. & Picciano, M. F., 1995. Human nutrition. Mosby: St.Louis