Monday, February 23, 2009

The Power of the West

The East imitating the West is deprived on its true self
It should attemp, instead, a critical appraisal!
The power of the West springs not from her music
Not from the dance of her unveiled daughters!
Her strength not comes from irreligion
Nor her progress from the adoption of the Latin script
The power of the West lies in her Arts and Sciences
At their fire has it kindled its lamp


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Characteristics of Self-Actualizer

Self actualizing person's life is governed by B-values (being value). From a detailed study to 48 eminent actualizers and other informal obsercvation of not-so-known actualizer, here are the following characteristics of self-actualizers:

  1. perceive reality accurately and fully

  2. demonstrate a greater acceptance of themselves, others and of nature in general

  3. exhibit spontaneity, simplicity and naturalness

  4. tend to be concerned with problems raher than with themselves

  5. have a quality of detachment and a need for privacy

  6. are autonomous and therefore, tend to be independent of their environment and culture

  7. exhibit a continued freshness of appreciation

  8. have periodic mystic or peak experiences

  9. tend to identify with all mankind

  10. develop deep interpersonal relations with only a few individuals

  11. tend to accept democratic values

  12. have a strong ethical sense

  13. have a well developed unhostile sense of humour

  14. are creative

  15. resist enculturation.

Self actualizing people were not perfect human being. To be self actualized ones need certain environmental conditions like freedom of speech, freedom to do what one wants to do as long as it harm no one else, freedom for enquiry, freedom to defend oneself, order, justice, fairness, honesty and challenge.

~Abraham Maslow, 1971~